Ταξί Δράμας

We provide professional taxi service to any destination. We have years of experience, excellent handling and professionalism. Whether it is a simple personal transport, either a long journey, we are ready to transport you with a level of care that can only be achieved through years of experience.

Ταξί Δράμας

Arrive at your destinaton, safely with a clean taxi vehicle, and above all trust a very expirient driver, with polite and proffesional atitude. The city of Drama may be the destination or just the starting point. We can take you directly even in Bulgaria, airports or hotels.


  • Ραδιοταξί στη Δράμα
  • Ταξί Δράμα
  • Ταξί Δράμας

  • ΔΡΑΜΑ ραδιοταξί
  • Cab Drama
  • drama cab
  • νομός Δράμας ταξί
  • ταξι δραμα
  • δραμα ταξι


Ταξί πόλη Δράμας

Specialized transportation services for persons or objects. We serve you responsibly, ensuring fast and comfortable arrival.
Some of the services we offer:

• Transfer all over Greece
• Children Transfer
• Transfer Company members or customers
• Transfer tourist groups
• Private tours - excursions
• Transfer Elderly persons in hospitals, doctors, appointment
• Transfer / Collect from Airports - Ports - Stations
• Transfer objects unescorted (up to 50 kg)
• Free Internet access (Wifi)
• English speaking Customer Service
• German speaking Customer Service


Voula Karassavidou

I needed to catch my flight from Chrysoupoli. Xara transported me quickly, avoiding, any trafic and saved the trip. Thanks Xara.

Maria Giannakopoulou

We decided with my husband to make a short trip to Bulgaria. Charoula served us well, with courtesy and professionalism.

Vassilis Domnidis

I had to depart for a trip in Thessaloniki. Xara, not only drived quickly, but also suggested a suitable hotel for my stay.


For direct contact / appointment, we provide many different ways:

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Ταξί Δράμας
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